NGS, Next Generation Sequencing

Broad and Unbiased Pharmacogene Profiling with Targeted NGS

Celemics PharmacoScreen panel encompasses 115 genes related to Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics

1. Phase I/II drug-metabolizing enzyme genes (drug metabolism)
2. ABC & SLC family transporter genes (drug effect)
3. Pharmacodynamics genes (drug biochemical and physiological mechanism)
4.Modifier genes (drug ADME enhancement). 

The panels feature repetitively optimized probes to capture up to 115 PK/PD-related genes with high coverage (99.6%) and accuracy (99.9%). Sequencing of a Korean cohort (n=376) with the panels enabled profiling of actionable variants as well as rare variants of unknown functional consequences.


Single-Cell Multi-Omics with Tapestri® Technology

Study Genotype and Phenotype at Single-Cell Resolution

Tapestri workflow provides a great possibility in single-cell DNA sequencing. SNVs, CNVs and protein expression can be studied simultaneously at single cell level.

Panels available for hematology, solid tumour profiling, genome editing, SNVs, SNVs+CNVs, SNVs+CNVs+protein


Rapid and Accurate Covid-19 Sequencing

BT-Seq: Novel Technology for Monitoring and Surveillance

In a collaboration the Korean Centre for Disease Control, Celemics have developed BT-Seq for fast and accurate whole genomce sequencing of small genomes. The technology was used to determine the sequence of Covid-19, isolated in South Korea.

BT-Seq is based on a unique molecular barcode and enzyme technology. Together with a proprietary bioinformatics algorithm, BT-Seq delivers data in short time at the same accuracy as Sanger sequencing.

The technology is currently available as a service and collaboration. A kit will be launched during 2020.


High Fidelity PCR
Fast PCR at Higher Fidelity

The new ALLin™ Mega HiFi DNA Polymerase is the perfect choice for NGS applications.

Fast high yield PCR with fidelity 100x higher than Taq. For amplification also of GC/AT-rich templates.

ALLin Mega HiFi is available in a range of formats:
Hotstart or nont-notstart polymerase
Separate polymerase with buffer including all necessary components
Mastmix with or without red dye

Download protocol


High Uniformity in BRCA Analysis

Hybridisation Capture vs PCR Amplification Enrichment in Targeted NGS

Hybridisation capture enrichment in targeted NGS, using a novel probe design technology, increases data uniformity compared to PCR amplification enrichment. Hybridisation capture gives coverage across UTR´s, Promoters, CDS, Splicing sites and enables detection of more mutants; insertions/deletions, CNV´s, SNV´s and gene fusion.

The unique re-balancing process with full QC will ensure optimal design and efficient workflows.

Download comparison data here!

Target Enrichment Methodology Comparison_Celemics


Simultaneous Ribosomal RNA Depletion in Multiple Species

The riboPOOL™ offers simultaneous ribo-depletion for complex samples. The method will deplete ribosomal RNA simultaneously across multiple species.

Efficient depletion of human, mouse and E. coli RNA with the Combination riboPOOL consisting of a 1:1:1 mix of Human, Mouse/Rat and Pan-Prokaryote riboPOOL was observed for 1 μg RNA input.


Microbiomic/Metagenomic Ribosomal RNA Depletion

The Pan-Prokaryote riboPOOL gives the widest microbial coverage for microbiome/metagenomic analysis, covering >75 different species simultaneously. Removing ribosomal RNAs (rRNAs) with high efficiency and targets 5S, 16S and 23S rRNA.

For metagenomics, the riboPOOLs are available as combinational reagent, for example as Pan-prokaryote:Human mix, based on the expected ratios of your sample.

riboPOOLs information page

Efficient, flexible ribosomal RNA depletion for any species

Removing ribosomal RNAs (rRNAs) to allow sensitive detection of scientifically relevant RNAs by Next Generation Sequencing, is currently performed with costly kits limited to well-studied species.
riboPOOLs present an affordable and flexible solution that gives scientists absolute freedom to deplete rRNAs or other custom RNAs from any species.

Composed of high complexity pools of optimally-designed biotinylated DNA probes, riboPOOLs even outperformed Ribo-Zero (Illumina), depleting ~10% more rRNA while leaving other RNA intact.

riboPOOLs information page

riboPOOLs Workflow and Ordering

riboPOOLs are available for any species. Contact us for your specific needs.
riboPOOLs in stock: Human, Mouse, Planarian, Drosophila, Silkworm. Available in 2, 5 or 10 nmol (20, 50, 100 reactions). Custom scales on request.

Protocol is based on biotin-streptavidin chemistry with magnetic bead capture and removal.

HighScriber™ Reverse Transcriptase Mix for GC-rich and up to 15 kb templates

Thermostable Reverse Transcriptase blended with Ribonuclease Inhibitor for an efficient cDNA synthesis
High yields of full lengths transcripts up to 12-15 kb
cDNA synthesis from complex templates at up to 55°C
High sensitivity detection from 1 pg of total RNA template

HighScriber Data Sheet

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The New StainIN™ Nucleic Acid Gel Stains; Sensitive, Safe and Economical

Twice as concentrated than other stains, make StainIN™ GREEN and StainIN™ RED Nucleic Acid Stains much more economical. You get highly sensitive, and non-toxic detection of gels. Developed by the professionals at HighQu.

Replace your green dye with StainIN™ GREEN:
2X more stain for the same price
Blue LED or UV detection compatibility
4X more sensitive to EtBr
Unique emission pattern stains RNA and DNA in different colours (RNA in red, DNA in green)

Replace your red dye with StainIN™ RED:
2x more concentrated than other red dyes
2X more sensitive than EtBr
Time saving staining of gels
Much more safe than EtBr

Ordering information:
NAS0201 StainIN™ GREEN Nucleic Acid Stain, 1 ml, 20000X; SEK 1.097.-; DKK 857.-
NAS0101 StainIN™ RED Nucleic Acid Stain, 1 ml, 20000X; SEK 1.097.-; DKK 857.-
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Product information sheet:
StainIN™ GREEN: StainIN GREEN Product Sheet
StainIN™ RED: StainIN RED Product Sheet

HighQu 2017 Catalogue: HighQu Catalogue 2017

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ORA™ SEE qPCR Green Mix with Colored Blue Dye for Maximal Convenience


Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 18.10.03Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 18.10.03


The new mastermix is not only great for achieving best data. It also includes an inert blue dye for improved sample visibility during handling and pipetting. The highly experienced team at HighQu have developed a range of great performing PCR reagents.

The mastermixes give you
qPCR on instruments calibrated for low or high ROX concentration
qPCR from gDNA, cDNA, viral DNA, low copy number genes
Universal – both standard and fast cycling
Easy protocols – minimum optimization
Excellent for GC or AT rich templates
Highest sensitivity, rapid extension, early Ct values; based on the small molecular inhibitor technology Hot Start PCR
Supplied with PCR Water to guarantee the best performance.

Data sheets, ORA™ SEE qPCR Green Mix with Low or High ROX content:

Ready to test the ORA™ SEE qPCR Green Mix?

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