Coronavirus testing
Game-Changing Test with Point of Care System

The new Viral Respiratory Tract Infection Array and Vivalytic System detects SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) virus in a user-convenient work-flow.
The test differentiates COVID-19 infection from 9 other respiratory infections with similar symptoms, thus giving a great overview of the infection profile of the sample.
The automated method is easily used by non-trained staff in four simple steps. Analysis is done in a closed cartridge, loaded with all the necessary reagents for extraction, PCR amplification and detection.
Sample type: Nasopharyngeal swab, volume 300 ul.
The Vivalytic system is a space-saving and hygienic, closed system. Great in places also outside normal laboratory environment.

Molecular Infectious Disease Testing
Third Party Controls

Qnostics controls from Randox Laboratories are independent 3rd party controls, specifically designed for molecular nucleic acid detection in infectious medicine testing.

Controls are based on whole pathogens, and designed to fully reflect the detection of patient samples.
You are able to assess the entire testing process from extraction though amplification and detection.
Easy-to-use; delivered in a liquid frozen format.
Manufactured to ISO 13485 quality standards.

Importance of 3rd party controls in molecular infectious disease testing

The following disease areas are covered:
Transplantation Associated Disease
Respiratory Infections Testing
Blood Borne Virus Testing
Sexually Transmitted Disease
Gastrointestinal Infections
Meningitis/Encephalitic (ME)
Fungal Infections


Clinical Toxicology
Emergency Drugs of Abuse Screening with Multiplex Technology

Evidence Multistat is an automated benchtop immunoanalyser, using multiplex technology to enable more data from a single sample.

Simultaneous detection of 21 classical, prescription and synthetic drugs in one single sample
Easy to operate; analytes are prefilled in ready-to-use cartridges
High quality data with well tested Biochip Array technology
Speed: 21 analytes are analysed in 20 min
Save samples: only 200 ul required for analysis


The Importance of 3rd Party Quality Controls in Clinical Analysis
Why Use Control Reagents from an Independent Manufacturer?

Randox true third party controls are manufactured independently from reagents and calibrators. The unique value assignment process employs thousands of independent laboratories ensuring statistically valid targets are available for multiple instruments and methods.
With a shelf life of up to four years, laboratories can ensure continuity of lot supply whilst enabling long term QC monitoring. The availability of multi-analyte, multi-instrument controls will reduce costs and preparation time, consolidating multiple instrument specific controls into a single control product. 

The importance of 3rd party controls


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