LabLife Nordic AB

An emerging business for delivering tools to life science research and diagnostics in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. Creating value for our customers, suppliers and staff, and ultimately for the public who benefits from scientific discovery. We know how to operate flexibly in a quickly changing but always demanding market.

Life science, inspired

We are first to identify the market opportunities.
Through experience and dedication, to make a difference for our customers, our suppliers, our staff and for the society that benefits from life science research.

Value statement:
Dedication: Passionate for great achievements
Professionalism: Staying pro-active to ensure that customers, suppliers and staff alike are satisfied
Business ethics: Acting reliably and fairly with our partners

Knowledge: Targeting the relevant market for each product line efficiently, based on great insight into the geographical complexity, funding situation and local dynamics. Significant know-how in local tender processes and framework agreements.

Our approach with new suppliers:
LabLife Nordic will offer you a market analysis during start-up evaluation
Plans and strategies are aligned

Execution is based on:
Management summary
Marketing plan
Sales strategies

Member of Swedish Labtech

LabLife Nordic AB

Rättarens väg 9
SE-182 34 Danderyd
+46 8 755 39 14