Cutting Edge Technologies for Cell- & Molecular Biosciences in the Nordics.

MARS® Systems for Centrifuge-Free Acoustic and Magnetic Cell Separation & Enrichment


Integrated label-free sample preparation, concentration and immuno-magnetic cell selection provide users the flexibility necessary for robust assay optimization.

With no need for centrifugation, the cells are treated gently and their viability and physiology remain unaltered.

Whole Exome Sequencing with Ultimate Exonic Coverage and Customizable Bioinformatics


Contact us today about the Celemics WES panel and sequencing service!

Complete Whole Exome Coverage (37 Mb)

Superior performance with the option of a rapid one-day protocol

FASTQ to clinical interpretation bioinformatics service available

Single-cell multiomic detection of measurable residual disease (MRD) in hematologic malignancies

Mission Bio’s Tapestri Platform is the first single-cell multi-omics approach integrating molecular (mutational) profiling and immunophenotyping in a single assay to allow for scMRD detection with unparalleled resolution, sensitivity and specificity, ultimately improving identification of residual disease and potential therapeutic strategies

Higher electrospray ionization efficiency in proteomics and metabolomics

Fossiliontech have developed accurate electrospray ionization emitters. Thanks to their hydrophobic surface, the nano-electrospray meniscus is smaller, giving some great benefits:

  • More consistent data, higher reproducibility
  • Better ionization efficiency leading to a higher number of unique peptide and protein ID´s
  • The emitters are compatible with a wide range of mass spec instruments

Get higher yields of DNA and RNA from FFPE samples with the Ionic® Purification System

Get higher yields from FFPE with the Ionic system from Purigen Biosystems. By using charge based separation, DNA and RNA is purified with higher integrity, unbiased and retained at higher yields.

Special Offer: Hotstart PCR for Higher Success Rates with ALLin™ Hot Start Taq Polymerase & Mastermix

Superior sensitivity polymerase generating  less side products and low copy detection in complex templates with size up to 6 kb.

For maximum convenience, choose The convenience of ALLin™ Hot Start Taq  Mastermix with red loading dye.

10% 2nd Quarter Discount

Enhanced Cell Recovery for Critical Single Cell Genomic and Proteogenomic Applications.

Treat your cells gently with spin-free preparation for critical single-cell applications.

Laminar Wash reduces cell loss and saves time in sample preparation. The technology is recommended by leading scientists. 

Celloger Nano Real-time Cell Monitoring

The super compact and intuitive live cell imaging system, Celloger Nano – got everything you need to perform your sophisticate laboratory works. Equipped with exceptional fluorescence and auto-focusing technology, precise stage controller, and user-friendly software, accelerates your cell-based research works. 

Azure Cielo™ Real-Time PCR Systems

The Azure Cielo 6 Real-Time PCR system brings you the accuracy and sensitivity you need for your research, with intuitive and intelligent workflow.

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